Use Cisco Cloudlock to protect your cloud users, data, and apps

CloudLock is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
and Cloud Cybersecurity Platform

Detect anomalies in your cloud user accounts

  • Concerned about whether your employees accounts have been compromised?

    Attackers can compromise employees cloud accounts gaining full access to their apps and data

  • Is your sensitive data accessible to people it shouldn't be in the cloud?

    Employees can upload sensitive data to the cloud and accidentally or maliciously share that information with unauthorised people and groups

  • How can you monitor application usage and risk to the business?

    Companies don’t have the visibility into or control over what cloud applications users are using

CASB is the #1 Technology for information security for 2017.Gartner 2017 Magic Quadrant

Reasons for having Cisco CloudLock

CloudLock is the leading CASB and Cloud Security Platform that helps organisations accelerate secure cloud adoption, enforce compliance management, and achieve brand protection. CloudLock’s approach transforms security into a business enabler by increasing the bottom line and reducing costs.

The CloudLock Cloud Security Fabric seamlessly secures the 3 core cloud pillars: Users, Data, and Applications across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. CloudLock is a 100% pure API and cloud-native platform, which is fully functional organisation wide in minutes, at any scale.

  • Cloud Native: utilising API’s to provide full functionality & protection with no disruption
  • Deepest Coverage: Ability to retrospectively security analytics, cloud to cloud traffic
  • Broadest Coverage: For SaaS, PaaS, IaaS & IDaaS
  • Smartest Intelligence: Cisco Cloudlock has the smartest cyberintelligence and CyberLab because it has the most and best data by having the largest CASB customer base
  • Most Scalable Platform: Cisco Cloudlock pioneered the API approach to CASB and has proven Enterprise-scale, with over 750 paying, subscription customers

Whilst we carry out the testing using automated tools, our Vulnerability Assessments are carried out with a large degree of manual interpretation and assessment so that the findings ultimately presented are both easy to understand and contain actionable next steps.

Watch a Cloud Hack

Find out how easy it is for Cyber Criminals to access your data through the cloud. 

This is why having a solution like Cisco CloudLock in place to protect your cloud users, data and apps is critical 

Problems Cisco CloudLock solves

Compromised Accounts
Attackers are compromising cloud application accounts at astonishing rates. Targeted attacks, such as spearphishing have reached a level of sophistication where they are virtually indistinguishable from legitimate communications. In many cases, there are not any files or malicious URLs involved in an attack, rendering traditional security solutions, including anti-malware and anti-phishing tools, incapable of addressing these threats.

Malicious Insiders
As malicious insiders are unlikely to trigger typical security telemetry when performing nefarious tasks, detecting insider threats is extremely difficult. Given the ease with which malicious individuals can leverage cloud applications to access, modify, distribute, and exfiltrate sensitive information, detecting and mitigating malicious insiders is crucial.

Dangerous Privileged Account Actions
Privileged users not only have access to a high volume of sensitive data, but also have administrative rights, such as configuration settings and user provisioning within applications. As such, ensuring the integrity of privileged accounts is critical to security.

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