Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Let us help you understand the latest threats, and how to defend your business against them.


Cybercriminals do not discriminate. In today’s cyber threat landscape, both large and small organisations are at risk of suffering a cyber breach. However, SMB’s are often the focus of attacks as poor security and awareness training makes them the low hanging fruit for cyber criminals. Worryingly small business cyber-attack statistics show that “60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of a cyber-attack.” Keeping a business secure is enough to make anyone lose sleep. If you’re getting worried about cyber threats, let us help you understand the latest threats, and how to defend your business against them.


To reduce the risk of malware attacks, it is important for small businesses to follow a portfolio-based approach. You cannot depend on a single security product as a ‘silver bullet’ for all of your security needs.


With the Cisco Security portfolio, you can effortlessly integrate security across the cloud, email, and endpoints. All Cisco security devices are automatically updated with the latest global threat intelligence every 5 minutes.


Here at Equilibrium we understand the security challenges small businesses face. We can work alongside you to deploy intelligent security controls that are easy to operate, manage and will seamlessly protect your critical data.

When it comes to cyber threats for small businesses there is no company which is too small to be devastated. In fact, SMB’s are facing increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks from bad actors. Click the link below to find out more.
What Cyber Security challenges do small businesses face?
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Cisco small business Cyber Security solutions: SMBs are dynamic, the backbone of innovation and the poster child of hardwork.

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