Securely connect any user, any application, anywhere, with the power of the cloud.

  • Would you like to optimise bandwidth to improve the efficiency of business critical applications?

    Cloud applications are the backbone of most businesses today. If applications are down or slow, business comes to a halt. With SD-WAN you can dynamically choose path selections so that you can prioritise critical applications.

  • Would you like to achieve zero-touch IT capability for your network infrastructure?

    SD-WAN zero-touch provisioning enables the IT administrator to set up pre-configured device profiles, network policies, software update instructions, and additional options such as rebooting the device once complete.

  • Do you want to provide secure and speedy internet access to customers and employees?

    Due to trends such as cloud migration, bandwidth demands are growing at an unprecedented pace. However, with SD-WAN you can flexibly increase bandwidth so that internet connections are speedy and efficient .

What are todays IT and connectivity challenges?

Many businesses find it difficult to maintain application performance and security because of their long-distance relationship with multiple clouds and the growing use of SaaS and IaaS cloud-based applications. Furthermore, because old WAN networks were built for a previous era of networking and connectivity, user experience is suffering as a result. They are simply not prepared for the huge increase of traffic that has been caused by cloud adoption.

  • This unprecedented traffic causes many issues for businesses including management difficulty and poor application performance.
  • When adopting cloud applications, you are opening the gates of your internal systems and data to the internet. This exposes your business to malicious cyber threats and compliance issues.
  • Moreover, as business-critical applications are accessed by many different internal teams and third parties, protecting sensitive data is more challenging than ever before.
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SD-WAN explained- What are the desired benefits of adopting an SD-WAN solution?

As businesses work completely differently to how they did 10 years ago, a new way of networking is needed to accommodate bandwidth requirements. SD-WAN is an approach to network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for multisite deployments.

  • Advantages of SD-WAN

    It can help you overcome many challenges faced in WAN deployments caused by technology and cloud innovation. To achieve optimal business productivity, you must be able to deliver a reliable application experience around the clock. With SD-WAN, applications run much quicker and can be deployed in minutes.

  • Optimise bandwidth

    SD-WAN technology helps with optimisation for business-critical cloud and on-premise applications.

  • Dynamic tunnelling

    An SD-WAN solution has the capability to choose between internet, MPLS and other pathways depending which traffic needs the highest service level guarantee requirements at the time. This dynamic tunnelling allows you to have a secure backhaul of branch traffic to cloud based data centres.

  • The best SD-WAN solution improves the quality of service for employees and customers

    SD-WAN allows you to manage local breakouts and control unproductive internet usage during work hours. SD-WAN as a service can provide deep visibility into all digital assets which are connected to it, you can also get detailed insights into network usage and performance.

Find out more about what differentiates SD-WAN from regular, traditional WAN, download a detailed white paper below.

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Why choose SD-WAN and how can it help the broadband challenges that businesses face?

WAN issues will no longer impact day to day business operations as having more bandwidth at each site makes everything much faster and hassle free. For instance, software updates which would have previously taken hours to replicate across the network, only take 10 minutes with SD-WAN.

  • SD-WAN products can scale across thousands of endpoints whether they are onsite or in the cloud.
  • With a single management interface SD-WAN has the capability to automate global deployments.
  • The granular SD-WAN optimisation delivers excellent cloud application performance which dramatically improves user experience.
  • With an SD-WAN device you can get increased visibility, control and analytics of application performance.
  • If a link were to fail, the application-aware routing can dynamically channel traffic between secure internet connections and dedicated circuits. This ensures that business-critical applications are constantly up and running and accessible for business use.
  • You can greatly reduce operation expenses by replacing expensive MPLS services with a far more efficient and flexible broadband.
  • SD-WAN helps to improve the security of your systems. The SD-WAN architecture distributes security at the branch level, this means that critical data does not have to travel back to the data centre for advanced security protection such as a firewall, DNS enforcement, or intrusion prevention.
What is SD-WAN?
  • SD-WAN meaning:

    SD-WAN meaning: SD-WAN is a software-defined approach to managing a wide-area network. Essentially, SD-WAN is the connection to the internet which can be optimised to get the best and most reliable user experience. SD-WAN uses a cloud-first architecture and allows you to manage multiple external network connections such as internet, MPLs and fiber optic based on performance. You can also improve the speed of your network by establishing an overlay fabric to connect multiple sites and datacentres.

  • Why choose SD-WAN?

    Without SD-WAN, new software releases for distributed networks may take several hours due to WAN congestion. However, with SD-WAN software rollouts can be implemented globally within minutes. SD-WAN also gives administrators far more control over the network, they can use bandwidth more efficiently to ensure business-critical applications are accessible at all times.

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