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What is Tripwire?

Tripwire is a powerful cyber security tool which can be used to reduce the risk of cyber-attacks, upgrade operations and achieve compliance. Tripwire is a world-renowned security provider which has been  trusted by a number of Fortune 500 companies for over two decades. Tripwire’s impressive portfolio offers a strong Cyber Security foundation for all businesses. Tripwire software provides rapid threat detection, real-time response to malicious threats and protection against future intrusions.

This portfolio of crucial security controls includes:

  • Vulnerability management
  • File integrity monitoring
  • Secure configuration management
  • Asset discovery and compliance readiness

Tripwire Cyber Security can offer deep endpoint intelligence, precise asset visibility and insight into business context. These easily integrated solutions have the capability to automate security and IT operations.

Tripwire’s mission is to protect the integrity of critical business systems which includes physical, virtual, cloud and DevOp environments.

How Tripwire ruined my day (and saved my year)

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Tripwire® IP360™

With 20,000 vulnerabilities discovered in last year, there has never been a more crucial time to protect your business from the rapidly evolving threat landscape. To safeguard your critical assets, it is important to have a proactive vulnerability management strategy.

Tripwire ® IP360™ is an enterprise-class vulnerability and risk management solution which allows businesses to reduce cyber risk.   They have been providing their IP360 Tripwire vulnerability management solution for over 20 years. This advanced software allows you to reduce unnecessary alerts and prioritise risks so that you can focus your remediation efforts where it matters most.

Tripwire® IP360™ features

  • Intelligent risk scoring

    Tripwire’s advanced vulnerability scoring allows you to identify and prioritise the highest risk vulnerabilities, it is the most granular risk prioritisation on the market. Instead of providing an endless list of 'so-called' high vulnerabilities, Tripwire analyses each one in detail and ranks them on a scale of 1 to 50,000. This takes into account what privileges a bad actor would gain if they exploited the security hole as well as many other factors.

  • Seamless vulnerability management

    This industry leading software offers seamless vulnerability management, fault-tolerant scans and the capability to catch missed threats.

  • Asset discovery

    With Tripwire’s asset discovery and fingerprinting you can profile and discover all of your network assets both in the cloud and on-premise, this includes automated device and application inventory.

  • Low false positive rate

    Tripwire boasts the lowest false positive rate in the Cyber Security industry.

  • Highly scalable

    Tripwire app is highly scalable and provides complete coverage for enterprises. It can be used in cloud, hybrid and on-premise environments and has a low network impact.

  • Centralised management

    The Tripwire centralised dashboard provides an easy-to-use web interface for configuration, administration and detailed reporting. The granular access and user controls enables continuity with existing security policies and processes.

Learn how Tripwire’s industry leading security configuration management (SCM) solution enables you to take control of your it environment.

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Tripwire® Enterprise

Tripwire® Enterprise is a security configuration management (SCM) solution. The Enterprise suite has integrated file integrity, policy and remediation management capabilities. Businesses can use this as a an end-to-end SCM solution or simply to use its tripwire file integrity monitoring or policy management features.

Would you like to have complete visibility into every unplanned change within your infrastructure?  Well with Tripwire Enterprise you can. The Tripwire Enterprise portfolio gives you an in-depth insight into every unplanned network change. These high value change alerts provide granular endpoint intelligence which helps with threat protection and compliance requirements.

Tripwire® Enterprise features

  • File integrity monitoring and management (FIM)

    Tripwire Enterprise can detect, assess, prioritise and reconcile changes in files and systems. This powerful feature allows you to forensically inspect data collection to look for historical changes and gather relevant information for upcoming audits.

  • Tripwire policy and compliance management

    Tripwire offers the broadest range of policies and compliance platforms in the Cyber Security industry. This out-of-the-box policy compliance testing includes ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA, NERC CIP, SOX, COBIT, FISMA, DISA STIGs and many more (over 2000 policy combinations are available). This helps businesses monitor and report on their compliance status, protect their critical assets and assess how changes may alter your compliance status.

  • Deep system visibility

    Tripwire software gives detailed, real-time visibility into your security posture at any given time. This advanced security control gives deep visibility into your virtual infrastructure. This enables administrators to have configuration control of virtual environments as well as the ability to closely monitor on-premise and cloud environments. Using a single security solution for both environments improves security insight, compliance and reduces costs.

  • Audit-ready reporting

    This feature provides users with a granular view of their current compliance status and audit data based on a specific role. Audit scan results within IT or OT environments can deliver a detailed and actionable view of asset compliance and security posture. You can also get comprehensive guidance on how to address compliance issues and which elements should be prioritised.

Why choose Tripwire?

Do your existing security tools have the capability to identify and track changes on systems, as well as their potential impact on your business? Tripwire security is a best-of-breed vendor which is built on the foundation of its unparalleled file integrity monitoring. Over two decades ago in 1997 Tripwire’s founder Gene Kim invented it. Technology companies simply do not stand the test of time unless they continue to offer superior products and valuable features. Tripwire is a highly innovative product which is built on a solid foundation of deep security expertise.

Here at Equilibrium we are Tripwire experts. We not only have the security expertise to design and implement the full Tripwire portfolio, we can also offer ongoing management and optimisation to ensure you are leveraging the full benefits of the powerful tool. Are you ready to see the full benefits for yourself? Get in touch today to organise a free demo.

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