Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation

As a team, we have over 20 years’ experience designing and implementing security solutions. We do not follow the ‘one size fits all approach’, each organisation is unique and requires a tailored solution to accommodate their requirements.

This firewall is a sophisticated hardware or software-based system that is able to block threats and mitigates those that do breach your defences. This gives you more flexibility, visibility and allows you protect your business more effectively.

Discover how cloud security platforms can protect your business and be deployed within minutes. Cisco Umbrella creates a whole new layer of cloud-delivered protection, once installed it is your first line of defence against threats on the internet.

Data Protection & Security Services

Equilibrium Security identify that a key challenge businesses face is providing secure mobility to a growing number of mobile users and devices. We work with businesses to recommend and implement secure remote access solutions that enable users to collaborate efficiently.

Cyber Security Technology

We are Cisco security experts who have achieved an Advanced Security Accreditation. The security products we design and implement are the best and most reliable on the market. Our solutions have highly advanced threat intelligence capabilities to keep your business safe from cyber threats.

As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, businesses are facing ongoing attempts to gain malicious access to their systems and sensitive data. With this is mind, data protection and security must be a priority for all businesses worldwide.

We work alongside our  clients to understand: what network security they have in place, where their sensitive data is stored and to any identify gaps in their protection. From here we can then offer our security recommendations and can design and implement a bespoke security solution.

What kind of cyber security software and hardware do we design and install?

At Equilibrium, we understand that each business has different needs. In order to achieve the best results, computer security software must be tailored to your network requirements. Some of the solutions we design and implement include: Cisco Next Generation Firewalls, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Meraki.


Why choose Equilibrium?

As Cisco Premier Partners, we have a proven track record of designing and implementing secure and robust security solutions.

Cisco Next Generation Firewalls

Cisco Next Generation Firewall with FirePOWER has global threat Intelligence capabilities which can prevent malicious traffic. This insight into internet activity is like a ‘hacker database’. It outlines the domain names and IP addresses which are associated with malicious activity and distributing malware. This is updated regularly which gives accurate and up to date context to your IT security team.

Cloud  Based Security Applications, Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform which is proven to protect you against 85% of internet born attacks. The benefits of this application is that it can deployed within minutes meaning you will experience no down time. Cisco Umbrella uses global threat intelligence which allows it to stop security threats before they materialise. This is far less time consuming for your security teams as  they will not be bombarded with constant security alerts.

Cisco Meraki Wireless

Cisco Meraki  is a cloud managed WiFi solution which is a powerful and easy to use. Meraki allows you to manage WiFi for multiple sites from one web based control panel which simplifies management for the Wifi administrators. Cisco Meraki can also be deployed quickly, portals can be easily customised and it can be integrated alongside your existing security systems.