Cisco Meraki Wireless

Cisco Meraki Wireless

Cloud Managed Networks powered by Cisco Meraki

Are any of the below statements relevant to your business:

  • What do you do currently do if users complain about poor wireless signal?
  • Do you know how many devices are currently connected to your wireless network?
  • When was the last time you updated your wireless access password?

Step 1

Register & attend webinar

Be educated about cloud managed networks and receive a free Meraki access point.

Step 2

Setup your FREE AP

Unpack and setup your access point. Just one access point provides cloud control for all your connected devices.

Step 3

Join the Cloud

Manage your wireless network in the cloud from a single web console, free for three years.

The benefits of Cisco Meraki

Meraki uses VPN secure connections between sites. Creating an encrypted tunnel between Cisco Meraki and non-Meraki endpoints.

The Meraki cloud-based management tool can be quickly configured and implemented without the need for training or on-site IT staff.

The Meraki systems manager reveals detailed analytics about visitor capture rate, user visit duration and whether the user has previously visited the wireless network.

Bring your own device policy- Are you concerned that your employees are connecting to your network with their mobile phones and iPads?

Cisco Meraki’s built-in support for BYOD makes it easier than ever to securely support user-owned tablets, laptops, iPads and smartphones. It reassures you that the endpoints which connect to your wireless are not leaving your infrastructure open to security threats.

53% of midmarket companies have experienced a breach

Why choose Cisco Meraki Wireless for your organisation?

Modern organisations rely on being able to connect to the internet at all times. Any down time can have a huge impact on productivity including: loss of important data, revenue and damage to reputation.

In order for a business to run efficiently, consistent and reliable wireless connectivity must be always be available.

Meraki call this ‘pervasive connectivity’. Meaning whether the users they are in the office, on the road or at a client meeting wireless connectivity is always available.

Setting up you Cisco Meraki Access point

As Meraki is a cloud based application it can be deployed quickly and easily. Products can easily be added to your Meraki systems manager without your IT teams needing to spend long periods of time on configurations. The deployment of each Meraki product is very much the same making it  simple to repeat the process.

Once Meraki products are set up and connected, they will automatically check for software updates and search for an internet path. This is an excellent benefit for organisations (especially for those who have distributed sites) as the dashboard allows you to check if all devices have the latest software updates and are safely connected to the network.

Want a FREE Cisco Meraki AP?

Equilibrium Security’s Cloud Management Solution powered by Cisco Meraki enables a business to provide secure wireless functionality to users whilst still maintaining control and visibility. The solution is really fast and easy to configure and deploy. It is suitable for all types and size of business.

What is Cisco Meraki Wireless?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed solution which enables wireless to be managed from anywhere via a web-based application.

Meraki access points simplify wireless security as they are administered and managed from a single cloud-based dashboard. This dashboard allows you to manage distributed sites, gives detailed insight into applications, network users, and endpoints. It also allows the administrator to quickly create usage policies and access controls.

With simplicity in mind, the Cisco Meraki systems manager offers the most straightforward management experience possible. Being able to control your entire Meraki network from one dashboard allows for faster deployment, less time-consuming maintenance and fewer configuration errors.

All you need is an internet connection to be able to start managing your personalised Cisco Meraki dashboard, you can even do this from a mobile device.

It is a given now that users expect to be able to utilise a wireless network at work. Traditionally, a key concern for deploying these solutions is how a business can maintain usage and control of the devices to ensure it is utilised for business benefit and that data is protected and secure.

The Solution provides:
  • Centralised cloud management: capability to seamlessly maintain and manage all of your wireless AP’s and policies from anywhere
  • High performance 11ac wireless functionality
  • Ability to authorise bring your own device initiatives
  • Powerful analytics and reporting functionality such as user visitor time and frequency of repeat visits
  • Visibility to control the usage of business critical applications over recreational applications
  • Capability to identify security vulnerabilities and attacks
  • Identity-based Firewall that automatically assigns security policies to each class of user
Why you should choose Equilibrium Security:
  • Authorised Cisco Meraki Reseller
  • Ability to advise and recommend the right solution for your business
  • Expertise to put together security configurations and policies
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Let us handle your security!

Equilibrium Security has the skills and expertise to design and manage your security solutions so that your business can run efficiently, securely and productively.